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Water damaged 6S guidance

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  • Water damaged 6S guidance


    I have a 6S sent in here with water damage. There was a good amount of crap allover the board. A bunch of rust on caps also. Cleaned it out really well in my ultrasonic machine. After some drying off, I hooked it up to the dcps and promoted to boot. Phone tries to boot, will act "normal" on the dcps but then it cuts out and reboots. I get the apple logo on the display also.

    I tested pretty much all the main lines (vcc_main, nand lines, 5v line, 1.8v line) and they all are showing correct voltage when powered on. The only line I see that might be acting up, seems to be connected to the baseband chip. There seems to be a PP_xVx_LDOx line where x is a number, which all are reading as 0v when powered on. For example, PP_1V2_LDO2 line is showing no power on it. Same with the other lines. with that same naming convention.

    I was thinking of looking at the tristar, because it doesnt seem to be switching over to USB power as it normally would and even sometimes I get a 0a reading over USB when it first boots (when it should be 0.04A).

    Does anyone have ideas or guidance if I am heading in the right direction or not?


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    Remember to boot a phone needs both POWER and DATA. If power doesn't seem to be a problem, then maybe data is. Changing tristar is not unreasonable on any phone that you suspect may have a DATA problem, and then restore to rule out software corruption.