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Water Damaged iPhone X

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  • Water Damaged iPhone X

    Ive got an iPhone X that had liquid damage that came in from the power button. There was corrosion on 5 of the capacitors running along the edge of the NAND. I removed the corroded caps and added a little flux to do a little reflow to remove corrosion that had started to form between the interconnect board. Afterwards the phone booted and loaded the OS properly, I was able to enter the client's PIN and then when notifications of the Face ID not working pop up the touch stops working I can't close out of the "pop up" notifications and so I can't trust the computer to perform a backup. I have tried performing a software update and the phone loads into recovery but is not recognized by iTunes or 3uTools. I believe that it is part of the USB security that wont allow the phone to be accessed by USB without unlocking or trusting the phone. Has anyone had this issue before or something similar?

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    you have a water damaged phone—and you think it has a software problem? Never ask a water damaged phone to update or restore unless it is a last resort and you are sure that ALL hardware damage is fixed.

    update/restore will require the function of systems that may not be working but are not part of ordinary boot—Apple Pay NFC for example. It will uncover problems and erase your clues and leave you in a boot loop state—very dangerous!

    It sounds like you haven’t even split the board for proper cleaning, or tried to boot it using a known good bottom board and a jig. IPhone X data recovery requires a lot of specialty tools.

    i would pursue troubleshooting touch or trying to figure out a workaround (get rid of notifications by adding a sim and Face ID) but I would not attempt to update!


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      The client's Face ID was definitely liquid damaged, is it possible to connect a known good Face ID camera or is there a chance of bricking the phone like a new version of Error 53? I have an iSocket but I was definitely attempting to avoid splitting the board if it is not required. Trying to make sure I don't put unnecessary heat/cleaning on the board.


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        Troubleshoot no touch---does the phone allow you to slide to power off if you wanted to after the face ID notifications?