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Really need a good youtube on troubleshooting boot looping iphone 6.

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  • Really need a good youtube on troubleshooting boot looping iphone 6.

    Even a youtube articles would be nice.

    I now seen 2 iphone 6 devices so far and I do not have equipment to tackle corrupt NAND if this is in case (errors on itunes/3utools and had to recommend customers to take theirs to better equipped shops.

    For me, how can I approach this and learn how to troubleshoot bootlooping iphones on 6, 6s and 7? A good articles on youtube would be nice. I had not found good way to use search terms on youtube site.

    This 3utools on this iphone 6 got -2 error, stuck at 19%, 3utools was waiting for it to boot up properly but boots direct to DFU again after 3utools prompted it to reboot to start loading OS from manually put into DFU mode), Every time I reboot or turn it back on after if I disconnect battery) was originally bootlooping.

    I checked 1.8V and 3V for nand and is good.

    Cheers, Jason

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    Changing NAND is a huge part of troubleshooting boot loop--it is the common fault after tristar. You need to be able to read/write a NAND because that is primary diagnostic tool to rule out NAND on a phone like this.