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Samsung S8 data recocvery (Yeah, its not an iphone, but its clients last resort.. )

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  • Samsung S8 data recocvery (Yeah, its not an iphone, but its clients last resort.. )

    Hello everyone. Sorry for this "misposting or so", but really need great minds about this case, since the data in the phone is really precious, and there is pretty much noone who would do a data recovery, im last person to touch this.. Got samsung S8, dead, no signs of life. Known history - phone asked to be updated, and just died while updating. It was charged before client tried the update. Trying to charge the phone consumes 0,13-0,15A of current, no image, no led, no signs of life. Disassembled the phone, measured battery voltage - 2,7V. Thats too low to be charged. Externally charged battery to 4V, still same behaviour on the charger, 0,13 - 0,15A of current and no signs of life. Trying to boot the phone - no signs of life. Tested with another battery - no signs of life. Tried booting it on DCPS -- current rises to 200mA and stays there, no image, no signs of life.

    So far i feel like having a brick in the hand, just that this one stays at 200mA on DCPS. Visual inspection -- no liquid damage, no bends, nothing what would help..

    Current diagnostics thinking - Since there is no damage found, having ideas only about few things -- Memory, because of failure while updating, PMIC because of known issues with those on Samsungs (S6 especially), charging circuitry maybe, since the current draw seems odd, 2,7V battery should take 0A imo.. Since this is data job, dont want to do anything stupid before asking for great minds opinions, maybe someone has ran into "Stuck at 200mA" and has any advices.

    Thanks in advance, Dexas