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iPhone X Data Recovery - Water Damage

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  • iPhone X Data Recovery - Water Damage

    Hello folks.

    My name is Lucas and I would like to work with board repair. Completely self taught and with very little knowledge.

    I would like to ask for your assistance in guiding me with my repairs.

    I got an iPhone X with water damage. Found some oxidation at the Taptic Engine connector. Every other aspect seems fine. Removed the board and put it in ultrasonic bath. Cleaned all contacts at the bottom of the housing. Re assembled the phone. It was recognised by the PC, in recovery mode. iTunes asked to update or restore. The update was not possible. But I cannot restore. This one was supposed to be only a data recovery job. Tried to use 3uTools. The software detected a phone in recovery mode. Clicked “Exit Recovery Mode” but nothing happens. When I plug it to a amp/volt meter, the readings show about 3Ω, 4.95V and 1.5A. The computer can see the phone, and asks to update or restore. After about three minutes plugged to the computer, the phone boot loop. I saw in another post that you are not supposed to try. to update or restore the phone in a case like this. Unfortunately, it was too late. I have already tried. Nothing happened though.

    I have no idea what to do next. I do have a board heater but I was avoiding splitting the board.

    Please guys, give some guidance.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Rule #1--you don't have a board problem until you know you don't have a parts problem. You need to put the board with a KNOWN GOOD iPhone X screen, dock, and battery (and nothing else) from a working iPhone X and see what happens.


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      I've seen a lot of X series that will bootloop from damaged parts. Like a water damaged port assembly, antenna assembly, power button assembly.
      As a rule of thumb, I boot the phone witg only a good screen, battery, and charge port and everything else disconected, or with a good screen, battery and power button and everything else disconected.
      If the bootloop stops, i then reconect the rest one by one and tezt to isolate the issue.

      I had a handfull of iPhone X series that bootlooped with slight water damage on or around the charge port assembly


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        I would not have put a split board into ultrasonic and then put power into it---how will the water get out of the middle layer?

        First do rule #1---you need to use a known good iPhone X to see if the behavior you're seeing is "parts"
        If not, then split the board and see if the top board will boot on a known good bottom board in an iSocket.