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iPhone 8+ jumping straight to 1amp

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  • iPhone 8+ jumping straight to 1amp


    So first of all, pardon me for my inexperience on the subject.
    I am a MacBook repair tech and I never had to repair an iPhone other than a screen replacement on my personal iPhone.

    Now, I am having that iPhone 8+ for Data recovery cause my customer have trust in me and don't want to risk his data bringing it to another shop.
    I tried to explain her that I had little experience on it but I could try.

    So here is what she told me and what I can find so far:

    When she had it, the phone, once not turning on again, could be seen by iTunes and it would prompt the user to reset it which she didn't do as she wanted her data.
    Now that I have it, I was never able to get it to show up on iTunes, on both Mac and PC.
    Opening the phone I could see that it was a refurbished Chinese phone, in good conditions though.
    I haven't seen any liquid damage however the NAND has a stamp that leads me to think it has been replaced...
    Other than that the mainboard is in great conditions.

    I don't have yet a PSU adapter to 8+ battery connector but have ordered it.
    The only think I could try is to measure the amperage when plugged to the charger port and it's doing this (with battery plugged)
    It's going from 0.1/0.2 to 1amp and stays there.
    The battery is charging as leaving the phone for 2 days, the battery rail was at 1.2V.
    After plugging the charger in, the battery was at 3.8V as expected, measured on the motherboard.

    I don't have another dock connector so I can't rule that out just yet but since battery is charging, I guess it's ok?!

    There is no short on VDD_MAIN.

    I am waiting for my parts to arrive though for now, I have just one question...
    Reading other's people post with similar issue, it seems that the Tigris chip and/or Hydra could be the cause and they were all talking about resetting the phone.
    I definitely don't want to do that.

    What are the chances to recover the data if that's the issue?
    Thank you.

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    Actually the statement of the amperage going to 1amp is wrong since I had the battery plugged and the battery is charging...
    Also, Tigris and Hydra might be good as well since the battery is charging?!

    When connecting only the dock cable to the board, I am getting the amperage jumping from 0.09amp to 0.16amp, back and forth.
    Nothing gets really hot when looking at the board under my Flir camera.
    Only the PMIC have its temperature above the rest (about 39 degrees compared to 30 degrees)

    So for now my only suspect is the PMIC but I guess it could be many other things.
    I haven't removed the shield covering the CPU yet.
    Will that be the next step? I am afraid of putting too much heat on it when doing so.


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      I don't think inexperienced people should work on data recovery phones under any circumstance. Never learn on a customer phone, and NEVER EVER learn on a phone that has someone's important information on it.

      With that said, I will let you know what I would and would not do.

      One--I would not apply any kind of electricity to the phone without known good parts. Phones can be very sensitive to things like being asked to boot without a good battery data line. They self-corrupt the data all the time, and you would not want to contribute to that. I would inject power into the charge port with no battery. The phone will not boot without battery. When you have a phone that is in the brain dead data corruption category, then asking it to boot in a way that you know corrupts data in other models is introducing variables. I would not work like that.

      Two--you can not conclude that just because one function of a part or a chip is okay that the entire part or chip is okay. Just because a phone charges does NOT mean that tigris or hydra and the dock are necessarily okay.

      Three---be careful of making the problem be the problem you want to solve. Everyone loves shorts and power problems. This is unlikely a short or power problem.

      The complaint is autobooting to DFU. That sounds like data corruption OR because of the odd appearance of the NAND---a NAND communication problem.
      The first step is to get known good parts that you recently proofed with another iPhone 8+ Then using DC power supply, ask the phone to boot and see if it is detected in DFU by iTunes. If so, kick it out of DFU with 3utools and see what happens.