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is Data Recovery possible after 'iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes"

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  • is Data Recovery possible after 'iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes"

    gidday, I am one of three Executors for the Estate of a friend who passed away in January this year, after a battle with cancer. Before he passed away we got all his account details and relevant passwords, however we forgot to get his iPhone 6 password, consequently we tried every password he had given us, without success, until we got the above error message. Since then I have found amongst his documents what could be his iPhone password, but cannot determine how to get past the error message screen. He had never connected his iPhone to iTunes on his PC, so there is no backup available.Raising the problem with his carrier and other telcos here in Australia have produced no result - the all simply say "it is not possible!". I have posted here as our last resort,hoping you can help regards Glenn Oldham

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    I don't know if this allowed here - or if this will even work, I still need to test it out for data recovery purposes - but look at this:

    I'm aware it mentions iCloud unlocking, so if need be delete my post. Not promoting that in any way.
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      Accessing someone's data without their passcode is tough from a legal standpoint. You have to assume that the deceased would have given you his passcode if he wanted you to have his data. If not, the data belongs to him unless he can tell us otherwise. Let's remove that from the equation and ask what if this was a disabled phone that belonged to you and had your data on it---so no data ownership legal issues.

      In that case, can it be recovered? "It depends" The details of this answer changes over time. But, an iPhone 6 on certain iOS versions can be "un"disabled by some forensics tools, primarily for law enforcement. Contacting your local law enforcement would be a good first step.


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        many thanks Jessa for your helpful post, unlike the offensive "Brennan". Not getting our friends iPhone password was an oversight on our part, NOT because he didn't wish to share it, he had already entrusted us with his "private" info. He was so ill in his last week (he had lost his speech and was unable to help himself) that we were so focussed on caring for him so he could achieve his wish of dying peacefully at home that we missed the chance.He hadn't used his phone for weeks. I am not giving you the details as a "sob" story merely explaining our dilemma. We the Executors do have the legal obligation to dispose of his property. Basically, if his phone had something on it that would have sentimental value to someone grieving for him, then we would like to pass it on to them. As far as involving the local Police, I would imagine that they would not want to be be involved in a non-criminal issue, but I will contact them. Failing any luck there, I guess it's the end of the line.Thankyou again for you reply Regards
        Glenn Oldham

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      Glenn - I'm honestly at a loss as to what you're talking about. There was nothing offensive in my message - I provided (possible) assistance. I think you misread my post, dude.