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iPhone 7 plus water damage data recovery help

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  • iPhone 7 plus water damage data recovery help

    Ive been working on this iPhone 7 plus water damaged came in for data recovery. I initially found a short on a line that ran to the BB_PMU that turned out to be a bad cap. Cleared the short. Now my issue is boot looping. I get an apple logo and the current draw dances up to close to 700mA before rebooting. My question is "what next"? Diode mode readings on all connectors? Is there a certain order of which fpc connectors to start with here? Am I on the right track? I did reball audio IC and changed tritar.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Let's clarify---What line was short and how did you identify the shorted line and find the culprit---what cap was short? HOW did you remove the shorted cap? (With an exacto as recommended, or hot air--not recommended). Did you leave it off as recommended, or did you use hot air to replace it (not recommended)?

    We want to try to avoid introducing new variables---reballing audio ic would be in the not recommended category---it doesn't prevent a phone from booting, and of course hot air at audio ic can kill a phone, so we don't do things like that on data recovery boards.

    Give us more detail about the exact history of this board and its original presentation and what/when/why was your thought process in addressing the problem?


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      According to the customer, the phone was submerged in water for about 10 minutes. Put it in rice...smh.
      I received the board with a short, which was pulling 300-400mA . I used a thermal cam and saw heat under the BB_PMU. Found a shorted cap at C5806_RF, knocked it off with my exacto. This cleared the short. The short was on PP1v8 sdram.
      Now to go back to the start. Hopefully, I dont miss anything:
      1. Visual inspection revealed various components with corrosion, but using a thermal cam, found a short.
      2. Thermal cam found hot spot under BB_PMU, traced short to C5806_RF, knocked it off.
      Currently the phone draws current, as in a normal boot sequence. Gets to btwn 600-700mA then reboots. I get an image of the apple logo, then the reboot. Of course, the phone was dead before I found the short.
      I checked for nand voltage 3.0 volts at cap C1748 and I had my voltage. Then I checked for the PP1v8 at cap 1602, there I am getting 2.8 volts. I wanted to confirm there was voltage for the nand. So, thats where Im at right now.


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        Is there anything that could possibly be hanging me up on this? Such as, should I remove audio IC and keep only the bare minimum to get me to boot?


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          I'm concerned that you may not have enough experience to be working on someone's data recovery. It is easy to make recoverable boards become unrecoverable. If there is important data on this device I think you need to STOP until you have more experience.

          If this board is NOT important data, and you plan to continue to see if you can get it to boot, then the next step is to catalogue where did the water go on this board.

          Do you have any pictures of the corrosion on this board?


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            Unfortunately, I do not have a microscope camera. My expertise level could be higher, although I am learning daily. I am a graduate of your Practical board repair school. The board is a friends and any data recovery is a bonus, as he has already written it off as a loss. As far as where the water has gone, there are various caps that show corrosion, but I have cleared the only short that I found (cap C5806_RF). Now, when I received the phone, there was no image, as there was the short. Now, I am getting the bootloop. Strangely though, when it is prompt to boot, it goes directly to 300mA and increases from there to almost 600mA, then loops. I have been checking voltages and have found a high voltage on PP1v8 line of almost 3 volts. Checked on various caps on that line and all read the same (2.93 volts). If I am reading the schematic correctly, the PP1v8 is generated at the PMU, but isnt that underfilled?
            The history of the phone is submerged in a swimming pool for 5-10 minutes.
            Thank for any help!!


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              Okay--fair enough. It is a great place to learn on boards that people would "kinda sorta" like to have the data recovered, but they aren't serious about it.
              With water damage, "The problem is where the water was"

              Where was the water? Show us pictures.


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                I am working on getting a microscope camera. In the meantime, any thoughts on why I would have the voltage variances on PP1v8 (3 volts)???
                Also, I am seeing corrosion around U2301, but all caps test fine (no shorts). I really dont see any more corrosion.