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iPhone 6 no boot

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  • iPhone 6 no boot


    Got a iPhone 6 that suddenly stopped working. It only shows Apple Logo and then goes black.
    When connected to iTunes we see that the phone is booting in recovery mode. She really only wants her data back.

    - iPhone 6 that is poorly refurbished on the inside
    - Tristar tester gives back a fail with known good dock

    Work done
    - Tristar removed and measured underneath.
    - D6 is giving a wrong measurement, somewhere in the .400 instead of 1.18 / OL
    - Traced back to tigris and removed + replaced tigris
    - Measured again on D6 and it's now all normal
    - Replaced tristar

    Unfortuanetely it still boots right into recovery mode. Tried to kick it out with 3utools but no luck.
    Is there something to do or is the data corrupt?


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    It's not uncommon for data corruption after tristar damage, but sometimes they come back if you try to update them. If not, then you can see if it's error 9 CPU lifted or something that can be fixed. I would not be hopeful, but every now and then an auto-boot to DFU iPhone 6 will come back with update after tristar.