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A General Question regarding Data Recovery on iPhones

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  • A General Question regarding Data Recovery on iPhones

    This may seem a no brainer. Based on your experience.... is transferring CPU, Nand, Eeprom etc from a water damaged iphone board (I suppose Baseband too) to an activation locked otherwise 'clean' iPhone(same model) a valid way of achieving data recovery AND giving the customer back a reliably working phone? Warranty voided - of course.

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    In my experience, no. If I have generated a receiver board that works for data recovery, it is more valuable to me to keep that receiver board for reuse. I would not be willing to give it to the customer for a price less than buying a new logic board. In addition, the CPU would not be protected as it would no longer be underfilled. I think this would make the phone highly susceptible to both water and drop damage, although this practice is common in China (and they provide no warranty)