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iphone 5s no touch after tristar remplacement

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  • iphone 5s no touch after tristar remplacement

    hi every one and thanks for your help
    i just got i iphone 5s charging only when off
    i change the tristart
    after iphone only open in dfu
    we restore it and now touch dont work but good new it charge open ...

    i test the screen on other phone and its work well

    in the middle of the screen we see line of grey square with the original screen or any other screen

    all parts on phone seem to be ok on microscope
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    It helps to mentioned what you checked so far to troubleshoot the problem.

    Start at the basics:

    Rule out the simple stuff first
    Check the touch screen connector for damage. You can send a photo of it if your not sure what to look for yet.
    Check the connector of your screen.
    Try a good known screen.

    Since tristar does not have any connection to touch, as far as I know, and that it is far away from the touch IC and circuit section, it would be unlikely damaged by heat.

    So what would be the next logical thing to look at?
    I would say physical damage from disconecting the screen.
    You could look for physical damage of components, or components missing around the touch screen connector.

    good luck
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      That square thing on the screen is really common on either bad touch ic or some kind of touch connector issue. Check the connector, ferrites, touch ic voltages