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iPhone 7 boot looping, not charging, not recognized by computer

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  • iPhone 7 boot looping, not charging, not recognized by computer

    Customer has an iphone 7 that is stuck in a boot loop. Upon first inspection the battery is completely drained, and the frame is noticeably bent, with indications of physical trauma. Customer says that the phone was thrown against a wall. My first test was to connect to iTunes and see if I could restore the IOS, but the phone was not recognized by the computer. Opening device manager showed that the phone is not recognized by the computer at all, not even as an unknown device. Verified that the cable works by trying with a different phone, worked fine. When the phone is plugged in to the wall or computer it shows the empty battery screen, and indicates that it is charging. After a certain amount of time the phone will attempt to boot, however it gets stuck here in boot loop. I initially thought that the phone just needed to charge, but after leaving it to charge for 3 hours I came back and it was still saying that the battery was completely empty. I believe that the boot looping issue is related to the fact that the battery is not charging. As another test, I disconnected the battery and plugged the charger in, the phone was non-responsive.

    I'm no expert so please correct me where I'm wrong:
    1. The fact that the phone lights up when the battery is connected and the charger is plugged in means that the charging port is still functional (at least partially?)
    2. The fact that the phone does not light up when the battery is disconnected while the charger is plugged in means that something is wrong on the board?

    This is where my knowledge ends. All other sources I've researched suggest that this could be a micro-soldering issue, which is new territory for me, but I'm definitely willing to learn.
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    So there is "some" activity with the phone.
    There has been serve physical damage done to it. A board problem is likely.

    If we start by what we know. The phone lights up and says that the battery is dead. Is it?
    How could you check if the phone is right about the battery being dead?

    You could check the battery voltage as a start. If the battery is fully charged then we found a clue. If it is dead, (below 3.7 or 3.6V) then that tells us that the phone at least can communicate with the battery somewhat.


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      Have you tried another battery in the phone ?.
      the first thing I would try is a good battery and good charge port. If it's not either of those we can move onto other things