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iPhone 6+ Powers on but loops after 1-3min of being on?

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  • iPhone 6+ Powers on but loops after 1-3min of being on?

    I have a iP6+ that reboots its self after between 1-3 min (usually around the 2min mark).

    I have tried

    Isolating board with new parts.
    Reset phone with data and without.
    Checked battery data line for damage.
    Checked diode readings on battery data lines and around tigress.
    Rolled back software.

    All of these seem fine

    The phone is in average condition, has no water damage,no visible user /technician damage and seems to have a normal boot draw on DC its also worth noting it behaves the same on DC..

    The customer says "it just started looping" i asked about drops/updates etc but he was adamant it just stated doing it while on a table on its own.

    I thought it could be battery data line not detecting a power supply so started looking here but all looks good, no work has been done on board yet other than shield removal for inspection.

    I was going to change tigress as i was thinking the battery data line is connected to this, maybe there is logic needed from tigress that its not supplying causing the phone to reboot? i'm not 100% sure that's correct though.
    I wanted to check here first to see if there is another place to look first before i start what feels like guessing. Maybe there is a data line i should check? any help would be welcome

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    Try taking a look at the live log viewer in 3utools to see if it gives any clues.


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      I would go for tristar first in stead of tigris. When a phone just dies and there was no prior work, tristar is a much more likely candidate than tigris because we know use of imitation chargers/cables can cause failure. To the customer it seems spontaneous but we know better.

      Also, what error did it give you when you restored?


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        crea2k Ill try that thanks , Mohamed Had the software downloaded via 3 tools and it restored fine no errors that's the bizarre thing it only seems to reboot once booted, i thought parts at first so isolated using all new parts , then restored, then flashed new, then flashed old firmware. Same story. Then remembered that phones reboot after few minutes if batteries not detected via data lines but they seem normal. so stuck


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          Its going to be a data line i just don't know which one


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            If it's a dataline it reports a gasguage error in live log


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              yes--you need to look in the log. use 3utools to watch the real time log to see if there are batt_swi errors, and also check to see if 3utools can see the battery.