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iPhone 6s stuck on 0.09A

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    Originally posted by GHI888 View Post

    ...because when I shorted i2c0 line, DC pulled 0.53A.

    Here is the wrong interpretation! As you mentioned before: "Shorted my knowd good ip6 pcb on C0511 to ground and DC power is stuck on 0.53A - see post#10"

    Actually, you shorted the capacitor C0511, which IS NOT in a data line! It is in a POWER RAIL PP1V8. That's why you got a 0.53A in DCPS - a high consumption!

    If you haven't skipped Mark's question to you (Now tell me if c0511 is on a data line or a power rail? See post #11), you wouldn't get that wrong interpretation!

    And Jessa also stated the same at the post#14!

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      Originally posted by Sly View Post
      Have you considered looking for an open line, or a line with a wrong voltage drop instead of only looking for a short?
      Here is the Key, what Sly already mentioned to you: With a 0.09A in DCPS, you have a OL (Open Line) or a wrong voltage drop. This is the road map for you!

      Good luck, my friend! I am also learning here, like you!

      Do you still have that board? Or gave up?