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IPhone 6 Plus weird audio and camera issue

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  • IPhone 6 Plus weird audio and camera issue

    I got a weird one here. iPhone 6 Plus came in had no touch and no signal, classic failure in this model.

    I fixed the touch isse issue of course with Meson and M1 jumpers as well as reball Baseband with its two jumpers.

    Phone worked fine after, few days later it comes back with issue with audio and weird issue with camera.

    Audio will only only work with headphones and with Bluetooth. Ruled out parts of course. It also does not show volume level when buttons pushed, it also does not make sound in settings. In voice memo it records but only playback can be heard thru the ear speaker not loading speaker. I can’t get anything to play thru loudspeaker, music or YouTube, Calls can’t be heard thru both ear and loud speaker.

    Camers workd fine both both front and back as long as it’s on photo. When I go to video it acts weird like it wants to focus and goes dark but can barely see image and like it’s trying to focus. It does this on both front and back camera.

    i changed both audio codecs and audio amp, changed LDO for camera and my as well LDO for home button, changed vibe driver, changed both audio chips again second time.

    All changes still I end up with the exact problem.

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    If you press on the cpu when testing does it resolve the problem at all ?. If it's not that it's going to be a line or components related to the audio codec. I'd concerntate on the headphone problem to start with as that's fairly simple. You just have two lines from memory and a third called headphone detect that I think bridges to one of the headphone mines when the headphones are plugged in.


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      I return it to the customer and gave him a refund. The housing had the old IMEI itched out with new imei lazor on under it, which I thought was weird, I ask customer where he bought it from, he said china. Then I thought to myself, maybe this device is a Chinese hardware Icloud unlocked device. I went to look at the icloud log in and clicked signed out, it didn't even prompt for password to sign out, just automatically signed. out. Most likely something went loose under ram or CPU during the heat from replacing baseband and touch IC.. however this is just speculation, but very suspicious... lol thanks.


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        Did you notice if the CPU still had it's under fill?


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          Iv currently got a 6 in that was dropped off with bad nand balls. When I reballed it the phone wouldn't come out of dfu mode and I couldn't work out why as the reball was fine and the nand also tested fine. Only when I flipped the board over and removed the shield I saw it had the cpu and ram reballed argh. I tried a re hot cpu bro on it, but no joy. So need to reball the cpu and ram before Monday for them which will be a fun job. I noticed on cleanup that all pads on the cpu where intact apart from the one that goes to the eeprom. Which makes sense if it was in dfu mode.

          so similar rabbit hole here ha ha. I did a perfect reball of the cpu only to knock it with the soldering iron so I need to do it again now.


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            sounds like the iPhone X that we had on stream. That really stinks after all that work.