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Use low melt solder

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  • Use low melt solder

    Is it a problem to use low melt solder to place a connector or any soldering work on the board? It's very easy to use and very quick. Specially for soldering connectors with very low heat.

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    Not quit understand Remco Roos

    I think Jessa mentioned when to use low melt solder when you want to remove a connection that would need a lot of heat. The way around it is to use low melt solder which makes it very easy to remove the connector. She has quite a number of videos showing this . Then when the connector is removed you not use low melt solder to replacing the connector

    I have done it and this method makes it so simple to take off the connector

    Maybe I not correct on this and Jessa can tell us. Also not sure if this was the question you were asking
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      Low melt is a removal alloy only. It has poor conductivity and is incredibly brittle, plus it would actually melt at temperatures achieved on the car dashboard on a hot day. It is never suitable for installation.


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        Ok i knew that it is to remove parts, i was wondering if i could use it to resolder.. Didnt know that it has pour conductivity and is brittle! Thanks great forum and people!