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Lithium Battery

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  • Lithium Battery

    Has anyone soldered a copper wire to a lithium battery terminal. I have a fob belong to a handicapped person and the negative connector to the battery is broken.

    I want to solder a copper wire to the negative terminal of the battery

    To do so what type for flux and solder should be used to make a strong connection. I tried the flux and solder we use in board repair but it just flows away from it

    I was thinking of sanding it but I not think this would do the job

    I believe there are different types of flux and solder for different application? See attached photo of the fob

    Any help here i would appreciate it


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    You can buy them on eBay for £2-4
    jist search for button cell holder


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      Why I not think of that thanks. Much better job if i can get one exactly that is on the broad



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        Yer soldering lithium batteries isn't the greatest idea. If you look on YouTube for exploding button cells they explode like firecrackers. When we use bigger cells for ebikes they are spot welded. You can solder them but it's not the greatest idea.


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          crea2k is spot on, don't put heat near those batteries I can speak from experience, They go off big style! I was taking an IC off a really old phone and they must of had a small version of that battery for cmos (or equivalent). Long story short, big bang and red mark on my face = lesson learned


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            I agree it can be dangerous so need to be very careful

            In the end I went with @creak2k advice and got a replacement holder

            All turned out great and the person can now again uses is van wheel chair lift by remote control

            I am editing a video I made of repairing the fob, the fob itself working showing the van wheel chair in operation. and a few words from the person himself

            When I have it completed I will put a link to it here

            I now have a second one from him to repair to act has a spare

            It nice to be able to help people that depend on such devices to lead a normal life as possible Makes you think how lucky we are