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iPhone 6s No BackLight

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  • iPhone 6s No BackLight

    I have a iPhone 6s Board shorted to ground, found the short on C4023 and at u4020 the big cap and backlight driver chip so I did a backlight rebuild Replaced the D4020, D4021,C4023 and U4020 , BTW when I pulled U4020 A1 and c1 was pulled pad so I did a jumper, C1 was easy since there is a trace bsides the pad ( I also check continuity on the LCD connector after) and A1 I did a jumper on the C4023 on anode side. so the phone booted but I don't have backlight,I cant seem to find the reason why, I have image but no backlight,

    I Also check the LCD conector on Diode mode
    PP_LCM_BL_CAT1_CONN - 590
    PP_LCM_BL_CAT2_CONN - 590

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    If the short was so severe that you have to replace both the diode and the chip, then you should also replace the coil.


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      Just changed the coils, Got back light! Thank You Jessa!


      • Jessa_the_Professa
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        excellent! With the 6/6s when you have any anode line short, suspect that coil damage has happened from the brief time where a massive 22v anode voltage was short to ground (heat! fire!!!!!) until the diode blew, breaking the circuit. Remember, it's never the coil---unless it is always the coil. In the case of anode line short, you will always get coil damage unless the diode blows instantly.

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      Thanks for that tip! BIG HELP! You really are the reason why my repairs are in a whole new level! I really appreciate what you do!