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iPhone 6 touch desease & cap missing on "trailer park"

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  • iPhone 6 touch desease & cap missing on "trailer park"

    iPhone 6 plus. Came in for touch desease.
    Visual inspection OK.
    Took meson off, and when taking it off, meson felt over trailer park caps. The fifth one (starting from the bottom) was loose, and then felt off.
    Kept on working, placed jumper.
    I would like you to take an overall look at the situation and tell me if everything looks OK as to keep on working, or there are things I should check before continuing.
    I also need some advice on placing back the missing cap. Should I just position the cap on its place and apply heat on it at the very same time i'm installing meson? Should I do the cap first and then work on meson?
    Is that green mask OK? should I put some more mask over that jumper?

    thank you very much for the advice. I will wait for the answers before continuing.

    Gabbie C.

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    Hi Gabbie--
    General feedback---I would use a big fat iron and plenty of flux to just go over the meson pads right before you put on the new meson---some of your pads in the center look like mountains. The jumper looks a little thick, but not worth redoing it. I would use a thinner wire next time, 44AWG gauge or vibrator motor wire works well. Next time I would make the jumper form more of an "L" shape instead of a straight line---this helps the board better tolerate the flexing that pulls on the trace to cause the problem originally. I would not attempt to make the jumper make a circle at the end--the wire just has to pierce the ball and make contact--it doesn't need a round pad and we don't want the jumper wire too thick.

    I can't tell if there is exposed ground at your M1 area--possibly? I would just check the diode mode reading on the line--LCM_HIFA_BSYNC down at the buffer by PMIC to be sure it is not grounded from the jumper touching any ground. If diode mode reading is normal then continue.

    Re: trailer park cap. You're right that this cap is required--these are unusual caps, see schematic to see why.
    I would use a micropencil to tin the pads of the cap (with flux) to make a puffy pillow. Don't add more solder, just touch to shine them up. Then place the cap nearby, sneak up with hot air and with a very very fine tweezer help the little guy get on his spot. Do that first before replacing meson.

    Let us know how it goes!


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      Hi Jessa! great observatios. Some pads look like mountains exactly like you are saying. I had doubts about the "length" of the jumper. Last time I did one, i felt it much more simple and easy to do, but now it was a little bit harder. Is it really not worth it redoing it? I still can correct this by straightening the wire. I will check for expose ground on M1 area.
      Another thing: Do I need more solder mast on the jumper when I finish doing that? speaking of so, how is the simplest way of putting solder mast ONLY OVER THE WIRE and not all over the place? it took me forever and I think it wasn't enough to make a good "coat"....
      By the way, the wire is an iPhone 5 vibrator motor one. Next time I will try with a 44AWG gauge wire.


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        If it is vibrator motor wire then it is fine. UV solder mask is optional, with experience you don't need it at all. If it is causing problems then don't worry about it. The only purpose is to add a layer of "help" to keep the jumper from floating when you place the chip.


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          I just tab the solder mask on so it covers the wire and runs into the old pad hole. Cure it, then just use a needle to scrape off the bit of wire I need and then tin it. Far easier than trying to coat just the wire.


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            Thanks crea2k!

            Here's an update: Didn't put any solder mask on yet. I re-did the jumper, cleaned the pads and install the missing cap. How can I check it's working as it should. I saw is SAGE_TO_CUMULUS line, but I'm not pretty sure how to test it.
            Also, there's no ground expose near M1, and the line LCM_HIFA_BSYNC is OK according to diode mode (i measured a pin on J2019).

            I think I'm ready to install meson. Anything else before continuing??



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            SOLVED. Installed Meson and everything is working OK. Thanks for the help!