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iphone 7 TIGRIS_BUCK_LX is short

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  • iphone 7 TIGRIS_BUCK_LX is short

    Someone brought me an iphone 7 previous attempt for data recovery. They had removed the bb_pmu and audio ic.
    I plugged it into dcps and it immediately went to drawing amps. Felt around and the Tigris was getting hot.

    Pulled tigris and TIGRIS_BUCK_LX is short to ground/Diode mode shows 0.000 and VDDmain is short

    The pads are getting super hot after i pulled tigris. Would this mean the short is on another layer of the board?

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    It just means that you have a short somewhere on vddmain, (isn't tigris-buck-lx connected to main by a coil, which is a wire?). There is no rule that says the place that is the hottest MUST be the location of the short. vddmain shorts are one of the better problems to have---inject voltage into main and find the short---vdd main shorts are often just a cap by pmic on the 7