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Iphone 6 searching or no service

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  • Iphone 6 searching or no service

    the same iphone 6 mentioned in my last post that had tristar replaced is not connecting to a network.
    it hangs on searching.

    I have not put the vibe driver back on yet but can not see it causing this problem.

    reball network gpu?

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    Signature problems say yes reball bb_cpu


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      Not only should you reball the baseband cpu, but when you clean the old solder off the pads there will likely be one or two pads that lift off and will require jumper wires. Similar to the 6 plus M1 pad, the traces split when the phone is bent at all and will disconnect. The only times I have been successful with this repair(meaning no warranty claims) is when I ran jumpers on nearly all of the available traces that are similar to the m1 6 plus touch ic jumper. If I don't run them the problem reoccurs would reoccur for my customer and result in warranty repairs. I haven't identified the main culprit, but I usually just run jumpers on all the local via connectors similar to the M1 pad which I believe there are 3 on the iPhone 6 baseband grid.


      • djdblaster
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        Hey which jumpers would that be? U1 and V1?