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Samsung A520 2017 charger ic

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  • Samsung A520 2017 charger ic

    Does anyone have a part number for this at all ?. I can find the 2016 model that fits the a500 and 510 but not sure if it fits the a520 or not. I don't have the customers phone in front of me but have seen this in other models.

    basically it came into me as the battery was charging when it felt like it and lasted no time at all. Iv changed the battery which worked for the first day then wouldn't charge once flat. Have installed the old battery again and it still drains like mad and won't charge past 20%. Iv seen this on the s6 / s7 before with their version of the tristar chip. Finding the damn chip for the a520 is proving a pain in the ass though.
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    I don't know which one it is, but please post it here if you find it. I have a A5 board with the same problem. I ended switching the board from one that just had a broken screen someone donated to me.