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Iphone 7+ no flash, cameras, voice memos

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  • Iphone 7+ no flash, cameras, voice memos

    Hello friends.

    iphone 7+
    customer reports, phone was dropped, screen broke.
    since then she had no cameras or flash.

    I examined the phone before screen replace to find it working perfectly fine asides from no cameras flash or voice memo. The phone shows no sign of lag and boots fast as it should.

    I have replaced the screen and it still shows the same problems.

    could it be audio ic ? I thought audio ic caused big lag problems ??

    Anyone had this problem ?

    thanks in advance

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    Could be audio ic, it depends on which of the four edge pads (any or all) have stretched traces.


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      Try putting a small amount of freeze spray just on the audio ic for a few seconds and then test. Iv found this pretty much always brings it back for a few minutes so will confirm that's the problem.