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iphone 6s no image

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  • iphone 6s no image

    i have this 6s no image

    customer came in no touch, just measuring voltage and became no display

    ap to lcm reset is 50k and 0.6v

    doesnt look right to me. just need data.

    i jumped 1.8 to that and no has backlight still no display

    have replaced chestnut same thing. all flilters are ok

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    "Jumped 1.8 to that" why? Always be eliminating variables NOT ADDING THEM! Sending 1.8v into the CPU when you have no evidence that there is anything wrong with that line is a GREAT WAY TO RUIN SOMEONE'S MEMORIES. I have no tolerance for that.

    Time for you to learn how to troubleshoot image. Stare at the schematic at the connector. What lines do you think control image power? What could we learn about those lines using diode mode on our multimeter? Report back with your thoughts.


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      I'd hazard a guess and say when you were measuring the touch voltages you've shorted part of the image circuit out in the process.

      Ask your customer to login to on a computer and go to photos. If you're lucky they have iCloud photo sync turned on and the photos are on there.