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iPhone 6 - "Searching" after relieving short on VCC MAIN

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  • iPhone 6 - "Searching" after relieving short on VCC MAIN


    iPhone 6 came with a short on VCC MAIN after being dropped on the floor. The short was on C1597, part of the backlight circuit.
    I took off that cap, and during the process i also took off R0303. I replaced both parts and the phone is working normally, EXCEPT that is says "Searching" all the time, and it doesn't work with any SIM from non of the Carriers I tried.

    What could be the problem? What is this related to? Could it be related to the short, or the initial drop, or what?

    Thanks for the help

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    Almost certainly unrelated and most likely common flexion damage to bb_cpu u1 and v1 pads. You can confirm this by putting a little heat on bbcpu to see if service temporarily comes back