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iPhone 6 - still not charging after tigris and tristar replacement

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  • iPhone 6 - still not charging after tigris and tristar replacement


    iPhone 6 stopped charging after a being dropped to the floor.
    It went to 2 repair shops, where they replaced both charging port and battery both times.

    After testing it with KGP, we replaced tigris. Still not charging, so we replaced tristar. Still not charging after that.
    Something to mention: during tigris replacement, i thought i might have moved Q1404 so I decided to install both tigris and Q1401 AGAIN (2nd time). STILL NOTHING.

    Should I try and replace tristar for a 2nd time???

    When I connect the phone to the charger, the phone turns on, but doesn't pull any AMPs and of course iTunes doesn't see the phone either.

    Any thoughts on this one?

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    That's when one of these comes in useful


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        I'd start by taking diode mode measurements of the charge port connector and then compare that to zxw or another board and start there. Otherwise it could be a wild goose chase as it's had work done before. At least one you have a set of readings you can try and put together a theory, otherwise you're just stabbing in the dark.