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iphone 6S Half BL

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  • iphone 6S Half BL

    iphone 6s , half BL , no history
    2.) Visual exam ok, lcd BL has half light
    3.) Im checking filters FL4212,FL4213, D4020 I think is good since diode mode check one way is OL and other way .164
    4.) No prior repair attempts, just checking dudes on the BL circuit, diode reading on C4023 is.469
    5.) how to continue I dont have any findings
    Last edited by Edgar; 04-13-2018, 09:16 PM.

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    Have you tried another screen ?, check the output of the backlight driver. You're either missing pp_lcm_bl_cat1 or cat2 as you can't be missing the anode line or you'd have no BL at all.


    • Edgar
      Edgar commented
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      it was the screen, I assumed the shop that sent this phone in , ruled out lcd! its a shop that they use to fix iphone screens! my bad not ruling out lcd

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    No worries, glad it was the simple option !