Every forum question has to meet these requirement to get help.
1.) Model of device and anything you know about its history.
2.) Physical exam findings---what did you see under the scope (http://amzn.to/2zkSYwq)
3.) Tests done and results. Example: DC power supply behavior, diode mode measurements, etc.
4.) Describe prior repair attempts in your hands or previously
5.) What is your current diagnostic thinking?

The point of this forum is to help YOU learn how to troubleshoot board problems---not to ask for 'plz bro solutions' You need to show us your thinking so we can ask the right questions to guide you.

Example post:
This is an iPhone 6s with no prior repair attempt that was last working a few days ago. The phone has no liquid damage and no evidence of physical abnormalities, although I did not take the shields off. The customer was watching a video and claims that the phone made a weird sound and then screen went black. On DC power supply, high current is consumed before prompt to boot.
My diagnostic thinking is vccmain short, which I confirmed with a DMM. There is 0.001 diode mode reading on vccmain. I looked for heat using freeze spray and found nothing getting hot. I know I need to find the short, but I don't know how. What should I do next?