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iPhone 7 Plus has issues with rotation

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  • iPhone 7 Plus has issues with rotation

    This iPhone was water damaged. It worked fine but had an issue where it would turn on as if you were pressing the home button every 10 seconds. This issue went away after ultrasonic cleaning, but now there is no gyroscope functionality in the phone for taking photos and rotating the device. What is strange though is that the iPhone still does that 3d rotation effect when you tilt the screen for the icons on the screen.

    Looking at the schematic, the two chips that are for the accelerometer and gyroscope seem fine, and I have tried booting with some pressure on the chip beside the antenna and battery connectors with no consistent results. It seems that the chip U2401 never made it to the final revision of the board, so it's not even on the phone. U2404 is the only chip controlling rotation on the board. I mainly wanted to see if anyone else has seen this issue before, or if there are any possible other chips that could affect this. Thanks! The board is in excellent shape and is free of corrosion.

    The phone works greatly except for this issue.

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    It's very common after ultrasonic cleaning to kill that ic. It doesn't stop it powering on etc it just stops the rotation part working inside. I think from memory they are like microscopic slithers of metal inside that touch when you rotate. These get destroyed by the ultrasonic cleaner. Just replace the ic and it'll be sorted then.


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      awesome! I'll give that a try. Luckily I have one of those chips from an iphone 7. for future reference, should I change the settings on the ultrasonic or something?


      • Jessa_the_Professa
        Jessa_the_Professa commented
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        How long did you have it in there? It seems like when that happens it is associated with leaving it in for 10 minutes at a time. Stick to 5 minutes and it doesn't seem to happen.

      • AceHoboJoe
        AceHoboJoe commented
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        It was around 10-12 mins. the next time I get an iphone 7 board to clean, I will definitely do it for 5 mins.

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      Just don't put it in the ultrasonic cleaner for a long was Jessas advice I think. Either that or cover the ic with something metal.