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Signature problem? - iPhone 7, No Audio, but No lag

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  • Signature problem? - iPhone 7, No Audio, but No lag

    We've received 3 iphone 7 this week with the exact same problems.

    No sound, no mic during call, no option for speaker phone, voice recording grayed out.
    There is no lag in the touch screen, and the phones boot under a normal time frame.

    We have not started work on these yet, but this may be an other signature problem of the iPhone 7.
    I'm just opening this subject for discussion, and we will update this thread as we get started on these phones this weekend or early next week.

    If you have any input, or have seen this issue, please feel free to share you knowledge.
    Should this be a signature hardware problem I will make a new post in under signature failures once it is resolved.

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    i have solved this issue replacing audio ic when i replaced its stop booting then restarts and work as normal, been repaired 2 device same issue,


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      Because the audio ic lies in the flexion zone it's possible that other pads have come away and not the usual ones. I know when Iv taken them off before sometimes the pads in the corners can also be corroded.


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        totally going to be audio ic. like tristar faults, the actual presentation of audio ic faults can be very variable and include any of these:

        Audio style boot loop
        Error 4013 on restore
        Laggy screen that is not parts issue
        Greyed out voice memo
        Dropped audio on calls
        Static on audio
        You can hear caller, they can't hear you


        • Jessa_the_Professa
          Jessa_the_Professa commented
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          One rainy day I'm going to do long jumpers under the audio ic and then short individually to figure out what lines actually cause what symptoms.

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        Just flip the whole chip and run jumpers from pads to ic, that would be even more fun lol