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2 iPhone 6 plus with NO touch after meson and m1 jumper

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  • 2 iPhone 6 plus with NO touch after meson and m1 jumper

    Hi! so this is the second time this problem appears: (I have 2 phones with the very same history)

    iPhone 6 plus with touch disease came in. no history of drops or anything, just the gray bars on top of the screens appearin from time to time. sometimes touch was working perfectly, and then when the gray bar appeared on top of the screen, touch wouldn´t work.

    so i took off meson, did the M1 jumper and installed new chip. now touch isn´t working AT ALL.
    I replaced meson for a second time and the problem persist.

    On this signature issue, is it possible the problem is the M1 jumper AND ALSO Cumulus? I really thought the problem was only the M1 jumper and that was it. Could have I done something to get the touch of the phone not working at all?

    I´m just about to start diode mode readings on both phones, but any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    replace Cumulus also hopefully problem will be solved, been having same issue replaced Cumulus and work fine most of the time its helping , recently i have solved same issue replacing cumulus,


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      so I was just about to start with diode mode reading, but on J2401 all pins are OL??? How should I do this?


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        If you saw gray bars then that is diagnostic for M1 and it HAD to be meson. If it happened twice in a row on two phone the most likely explanation is bad chips—ie reballed from China where the chip was damaged. Try a meson from a different order or reball the original meson yourself