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Genuine SAMSUNG Galaxy Express i8730

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  • Genuine SAMSUNG Galaxy Express i8730

    Do you need the data on a Samsung phone for it to power up I connected an external DCP and it did not power up so thinking it may need the data to tell it what to do with the power up

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    May need data? As in will it boot without a CPU or flash memory? No. Will it boot without a SIM or SD card expandable storage? Yes


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      Samsung Galaxy Express I8730

      Will only start to power up when the battery is removed and replaced again.

      Customer only interested in recovering his data from the phone

      Battery is a know good one.

      Does not charge normally.

      Will only charge now and again when the phone starts to power up.

      Phone will not start to power up if the charging cable is connected ???

      Only starts to power up has shown in the video

      would appreciate any logic ideas on how to retrieve the data or get the phone to power up

      Link To Video


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        Any ideas from anyone on this??


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          Have you tried running it off a desktop power supply ?.


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            I connected it to a DCP with the same result

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          This phone is a candidate for chip off data recovery which is very straightforward. When it comes to data recovery, I don't take any chances. This one I would outsource and have Mark take off the EMMC and read the data from the chip.


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            I getting some feedback that it maybe a short on the power button itself I going to check this first

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              I j just took out the logic board and tested the Power Switch with a meter and it is shorted I compared it to the two volume buttons which are exactly the same as the power button switch to make sure and they are OK

              I am now going to remove the power switch button and one of the volume buttons and put the volume button in the Power Switch location to see if this solves the issue

              It sounds logically when you think about it has it only starts to power up to the Samsung logo and off again when the battery is removed and replaced. It should only power up when you press the Power Button so the short on the switch closes the switch permanently

              Once I know if this solves the issue I will let you know has it may help someone else that comes across the same issue


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                When you remove the power button is the short gone ?. I'd have just used some switch cleaner on it


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                  I have not had the time crea2k to remove the switch so for. I have checked it on the board in resistance mode and it has a complete short I expect when I remove it and test it again the short will still be there

                  All the customer is interested in is his data so will remove one of the volume buttons which are the same has the power button and use that has the power button. If the phone powers up them that is all the custom wants so his date is recovered

                  The power button is free. You can press it and it will return So I not think it not stuck in anyway where switch cleaner or some clearer would do the job.

                  So this to me looks like a direct short between the contacts but I could be proven wrong
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                    A short on the power button. I removing the power button and replacing it temporary with two insulation wires as the switch and the phone was able to power up and off again

                    Customer data saved

                    A very happy customer

                    Thanks everyone for the input


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                      This is a small video showing how I went about solving this issue

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