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iPad 5 home button not working

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  • iPad 5 home button not working

    Iv got one of the new iPad 5's in if thats the correct term. Not the pro 9.7, the other one with the air 1 style screen.....that just happens to have no schemetic for it argh.
    The home flex looks to be in fine condition, I'm not overly sure if they work with the older buttons or not as the connector is exactly the same (yes I know one has Touch ID and the other doesn't but as it's a hash of the air 1 I'm just wondering if they used the same button press lines.

    does anyone have any diode mode readings for this model or know where the traces go to ?.

    i suppose il take a look at the air 1 schemetic in a moment and see if I can figure anything out.