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iPhone 6 Keeps Searching

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  • iPhone 6 Keeps Searching

    Got a new case! I do not know the history of this phone. There are no prior repair attempts on the logic board and no water damage.
    The iPhone is booting perfectly on DCPS and in the settings the ICCID, IMEI and Baseband are present and looking as they should.

    I started to probe around on diode mode and found nothing. When the phone is powered on i started to measure the voltages on the power lines and found
    that U_QPOET is being powered on by L4002_RF and L4001_RF but there are no output voltages present: VPA_ET and VPA_APT.
    They are present on my known good logic board iPhone 6. This is why i replaced U_QPOET but unfortunately still no output voltages and no signal.

    Does someone needs to tell U_QPOET to start in order to working?

    I'm not sure where to go from here. Any help would be great!

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    Baseband issues can be very open ended with no clue, so in general practical Repair says start with the signature problems for that model—which is reballing baseband cpu with u1, v1 jumpers from flexion faults


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      Fixed by 2 jumpers! Thanks