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iPhone 6 Plus , No Image , No BL

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  • iPhone 6 Plus , No Image , No BL

    1.) iphone 6 plus, came in with broken screen (aftermarket screen) for screeen replacement, after testing new screen , we found no image no BL
    2.) No visible damage on caps,filters etc No water damage
    3.) Tested a screen with separated BL , cant see image adding light and BL leds not illuminating as well, itunes can detect the phone and prompts to unlock the iphone to accesss.
    4.) tried dcps and look normal , pulls variable current when prompting to boot
    5.) comparing diode mode readings using ZAWAY diode mode readings, found OL on connector J2019 pin 33 C2044 not shorted and Fl2061 has continuity , where should i go next? remove chestnut? No LSD
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    Look for long screw damage since this is the common fault.


    • Edgar
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      Forgot to mention , No LSD

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    No LSD, left the phone on the side, and randomly powered on today now I have image and BL, this is the second time image came back, what can make this problem image and BL present and then goes out


    • Jessa_the_Professa
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      It is hard to say, but on the list would be quality problems with the lcd--keep an original known good to be sure that's not the problem, connector problems, and for a 6plus a history of touch ic work can easily cause image problems since image lines go under meson---you didn't mention that this ever had a touch repair on this one but if so that is at the top of the list. After that you could have chestnut problems or pads under chestnut.

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    This sounds to me like you could have a connection problem. Broken trace, lifting pads, damaged connector.

    The screen coming back on and off could hints that it's a flexing issue.

    The fact that both backlight, and image was not on and then both were on later might point to a problem on a shared line. Sub-Power line or data line.

    It could just be chestnut that is failing too.
    what is J2029 and pin 33? Its easier to help if we don't have to wipe out a schematic understand the question. I don't remember all those by heart