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6s Plus overheating on Battery power only

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  • 6s Plus overheating on Battery power only

    I have a 6s Plus that came in because it was getting hot.

    Checked for shorts on vcc main and other main power lines and did not find any.

    Replaced tristar and tigris and checked all caps surrounding those chips

    When I put on DCPS it boot loops after 4 second apple logo

    On battery it boots normally but the ground plane gets really hot on the entire board.

    Tried known good screen, battery and charge port.

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    Heat = short. Find out the source of the heat and go from there. You followed rule number one, right? This behavior is true with known good parts not just the parts the phone came with?


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      Yes i tried known good battery and chargport and no screen and it is still heating up. I am finding it difficult to find the short when the ground plane is what is heating up. The metal on the sim tray and the nuts for the plate that covers the flex cables gets unbearably hot. I guess I will keep hunting.


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        Narrowed it down to the Audio Ic, replaced and it is fixed now.