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iPhone 8 only charging when turned off

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  • iPhone 8 only charging when turned off

    Iv got an iPhone 8 in, Iv not don't any board repairs on these yet, only on the X so far. This one is exhibiting what I'd probably class as a tristar problem, but they changed out tristar on the 8 for hydra.

    The phone looks to have never been opened before and hasn't been damp, all the factory seal is still intact.

    When the charge cable is plugged in nothing happens. The phone doesn't show any draw from the USB amp meter.

    If I turn the phone off it will charge just fine @ 0.45amps (quite low) and now has 76% battery.

    The customer said that from flat it would only charge to 20% overnight, but that was with the phone turned on.

    Iv tried plugging in a new charge port but the phone displays the same behaviour.

    Iv ordered in a couple of hydra chips, as I don't stock any 8 parts yet other than a screen.

    If this was a 7 I'd probably change out tristar, Tigris, mosfet which would sort it 99% of the time but this new charge circuit is quite different.

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    We are just now starting to see the iPhone 8 first batch of charging disease as well. I ordered my hydra last week and my tigris is still on its way from china. The only differences I will predict is that the gas gauge is handled differently where tigris appears to be passing along the interface from the battery to the CPU, which is no longer SWI and is HDQ instead. This means that the mosfets protect the CPU from overvoltage from that line, and if some event happened (like in the iPad Air) where main was sent down that line, it would likely damage the CPU and cause weird charging problems. Tl; dr "never jump those mosfets"

    All charging sicknesses are a geriatric disease where the phone has to 'age into' them. i.e. iPhone 8 users have to have their cat eat their original charging cable they got with their phone, and then buy a gas station one, and then enough time go by for them to get an unfortunate surge that damages hydra. It is probably getting to be about that time.


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      Sorted it by changing Hydra and then changing the charge port too as wouldnt charge still after changing Hydra. I had tried several charge ports before changing Hydra though so I know they worked ok. So seems whatever knock off charger they have been using broke the charge port as well as Hydra.