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error 4014 iPhone 5s

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  • error 4014 iPhone 5s

    Hi jess, I have 2 iphone 5s's one is water damaged other one has had a screen replaced. both are in DFU mode and upon restoring give Error 4014. it almost every faulty iphone 5s that i get have this error 4014 problem.. what is it related too?

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    Assuming there is absolutely no physical damage on the board, then it is probably some software fault within the NAND that can't be corrected by restore, or a bad NAND itself. The 5s and the 6s both get NAND failures while it is less common on other devices. It is less common for water damage though, so on that one start with visual exam and see if you can come up with some hardware faults, on both, rule out LSD