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iPhone 6 Boot Loop with DC Graph

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  • iPhone 6 Boot Loop with DC Graph


    Received a iPhone 6 in our shop with charging problems. Our known good cable/charger the AMP meter showed 0.0A. When i tried a different known good cable the device did charge with steady 0.9A! Strange!
    After ruling out the dock and battery the phone doesn't boot fully anymore! Since the phone did work and nothing happened with the phone in between i believed the problem must lie within the charging circuit.
    Did run a diode measurement around Tigris and found that BATT_VCC was .423 Replaced Tigris and the diode mode was OK .378
    When i prompt to boot still no full boot. I replaced Tristar but still no full boot! See DCPS graph. Not sure were to look now.

    iPhone 6 is able to enter recovery btw.

    Any help would be great!

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    This sounds like it was a tristar problem. You did not have a problem with charging (tigris was okay) you had a problem with the device checking to see if the cable was okay. That points to tristar not tigris.

    Regardless, you have replaced tristar and now you have a boot loop. It is not uncommon for phones to get software corruption from a bad tristar, (there are three other active questions with the exact same thing right now!) Your next step is to rule out software by forcing the phone to update or restore now that you have fixed the likely hardware problems. Make sure you are using a known good battery.


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      I decided to replace tigris because of the high diode measurement on BATT_VCC. After replacing the measurement was fine. But you properly right that it didnt had anything to do with the original problem.

      I've tried to restore the phone and iTunes Error 9 pops up! Classic HDD Fault? Do i need my new NaviPlus Pro for this job?

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    Fixed! Replaced the HDD with NaviPlus and the phone works great again! Thanks Jessica