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iPhone 7 plus received for a screen replacement

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    Hi Jessa back with this one again about it boot looping
    1. I give the customer back her phone
    2. Approx. 30 minutes later I got a phone call telling me the phone at turned off and once the charging cable connected it boot loops
    3. I got the phone and it was doing exactly what the customer said
    4. I disconnected the camera assemble flex cable from the logic board and turned the phone on and this time it stayed on the apple logo
    5. I disconnected the battery and powered up the phone again and this time no issue powering the phone up
    6. I reconnected the camera flex cable and again no problem powering up
    7. At present I am using the phone myself to test and now have it for 12 hours.
    8. One issue did happen during this period the Assistive touch came on saying the home button may need cleaning. The home button was now not working
    9. I disconnected and re-connected the battery and on power up all ok again
    I just think now if may not have been necessary to remove the camera assemble at all to get it back up to boot. Maybe just by disconnecting and re-connecting the battery it more then likely would have booted again to normal

    Is it possible that there is an issue with this screen also??

    I made a video when I was working on the phone this time to show you, which maybe give you a better idea what is happening
    The link to the video is below

    Any advice please


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      this is all rule number one stuff most likely. A phone that doe s not have a good connection to the battery will boot loop while the charger is plugged in. Same thing if you have damaged the battery flex from all this troubleshooting.

      Assuming it consumes normal charging current then for now Id assume that you had given it back to her with the battery not connected well to begin with. You can try rebooting it a few times to rule out audio ic and check charging current consumption
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        Yes you are very correct about the battery not connected will behave the same

        I tried it myself on an iPad just now I am repairing and it does exactly the same

        The battery was connected but may not have had a good connection like a bit of dirt

        The charging current OK Not Audio IC issue

        I hold on to it for a few days myself to see how it goes but I say you are totally correct

        You learn something new every day

        Brilliant You cannot beat experience

        Thank you very much Jessa


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          Its not the battery Jessa or connection

          Went again on me

          Thinking it may be a very poor battery but it is a very good one when tested

          I looking at the screen again that they may be an issue with this screen also

          Have another screen fitted temporally whih its home button

          This working away fine so far overnight


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            Final update I hope

            Again fitted another new screen

            I have the phone on test for the last four days by using it myself and had no issues with it at all all this time

            Returning it to the customer tomorrow.

            Something to keep an eye on what a faulty screen can do even if the screen looks fine on the 7 plus