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iphone 6s plus no image no backlight

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  • iphone 6s plus no image no backlight

    iPhone 6s plus no prior repair or liquid damage. No image no back light. Turns on and connects to itunes. Both anode lines (PP_LCM_BL_ANODE_CONN & PP_LCM_BL34_ANODE_CONN) measure 0.18 on diod mode instead of 0.500. Also both lines measure 4.1 volts when the phone is on instead of 10 volts. No shorted filters or bad caps in either lines. have replaced both 4020 and 4050 ICs, same results. Any Ideas Please?

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    First let's clear up vocabulary problems "No shorted filters" A filter can never be the cause of a short.

    Next. You have a lot of unrelated findings---which point to a measurement problem. It is hard for a 6s plus to fail with no backlight on both sides, two separate problems must occur. When this does happen, the problem will be open line. Here, you are describing a partial short, in face the EXACT SAME partial short reading on two independent lines. AND you have a completely unrelated problem of no image, because a short on a backlight line will not bother image. So on our list of MOST LIKELY this report of the problem is just inaccurate.

    Go back.
    1.) Is this no image? Or no backlight? Use a split screen to determine
    2.) What is the diode mode reading on vccmain? Did you first remove the large cap on the line to remove the short? Was the short relieved when you had the backlight driver off before you put one back on?
    3.) Are you sure that iTunes is recognizing this phone in normal mode rather than in DFU mode (where no image/no backlight is normal)


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      Thanks for the insight and the correction Jessa. Absolutely, a filter is inherently a short in itself, a bad use of vocabulary......I'll however double check all your points and will report. Thanks!