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iPad Air 1 no wifi....most of the time

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  • iPad Air 1 no wifi....most of the time

    Iv got an iPad Air 1 in with no wifi. Customer dropped it in and I checked it when they dropped it in. Confirmed that the wifi was greyed out. Wifi and BT address still showing in about though.

    Iv had it a month but only just got to it in the queue. Turn it on and wifi works just fine. Decide to run the 11.4 update on it and it downloads it and installs it, then reboots and wifi stopped working again.

    Check the 4v and I think 3.2, they both within spec and present. Tried turning it off and freeze spraying the ic, this made no difference. Tried clamping the ic, then turning on, this also didn't do anything. So pretty much ruled out dry joints as being the problem and it's getting the correct voltages, is just not turning on by the look of it.

    What does everyone think?, bad ic ?.

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    Intermittent function usually points to the power problem or noisy power for the wifi. Just a suggestion.



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      Greyed WiFi is always the chip in my experience