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Iphone 6+ backlight

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  • Iphone 6+ backlight

    iPhone 6+

    customer says it had water damage., said she put it in rice.

    upon examination It did not appear to have much water in it at all.
    the vap near the wifi chip was shorted.
    once i removed it the short went away and the phone boosts as normal and has all functions.
    except the back light in the top middle of the screen is dull.
    screen replacement didnt fix the problem.
    the backlight ercut seems to be fine.
    I notice when I I don't have the home button flex plugged in it goes away mid boot.anyone got a y idea what would could this ?

    thanks in advance

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    Nope, but I would start with replacing all of the backlight anode and cathode line filters just to rule that out. Id also make sure my connector joints were solid.