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Iphone 6s no boot after crawled on the floor

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  • Iphone 6s no boot after crawled on the floor


    I received today an iphone 6s for not booting
    According to the client, the phone was dropped on the floor and later no sound, and the next day was no boot
    so I connect the iphone to the dc power supply to check if there was a short circuit, and before prompt to boot it displays 0.07A
    I checked if there was a short circuit around the 2 audio ic with the multimeter and there is none
    I would like some advice if possible before launching and desoldering the audio circuit

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    If you have a 70mA current leak before prompt to boot, you need to decide if this is normal for your DCPS and cables, or not. 70mA is a meaningful number--this is the normal current consumption for a phone that is in DFU mode. You might want to check to see if the phone is auto-booting into DFU by seeing if iTunes detects it.

    If you have a bona fide 70mA current leak (i.e. you are not using the red cables, you are connecting a standard iPad Rehab battery squid and seeing a 70mA current draw before prompt to boot) then find and patch the leak. Find the leak with your multimeter---figure out which line in diode mode has a partial short by comparing to known good. Your candidate lines will be vccmain or any line such as baclkight anode or speaker boost that are only separated from main by a diode somewhere.


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      Tks very much