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Iphone 7 Audio problems

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  • Iphone 7 Audio problems

    HI there,
    Ai have an iphone 7 with No Audio at all, so far changed u3101 audio codec, changed 2 spkamp IC (couse they were missing), c12 line is ok. Checked caps all good. But still no audio at all
    there is a bootlag, but after it works fine


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    Why were the speaker amp chips missing?
    have you followed rule #1? You don’t have a board problem until you KNOW you don’t have a parts problem?


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      It was a prior attempted repair by another shop, and yes parts are good (new parts) even though I did change them twice just to be safe. My guess is that phone must have had an audio codec Ic failure in the first place, but I thing that by seeing what was done to the board it self and the missing components (which did put them in place) it is a damage done by the other shop and a damage that I can not see were it is, all I know is that what ever I do the phone dose not respond diferently


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        New parts aren’t the same as known good. For iPhone 7/7p this can be a big deal because we know that bad parts (bad new parts) can cause lots of problems.

        For a prior repair attempt phone we have to eliminate variables and simplify the problem. It is often not worth it to clean up someone else’s mess.

        Put th phone in a known good housing and see if it has audio. If you can’t do that, at least disconnect the fcam flex to make sure that isn’t the problem since we know bad fcam can cause audio faults.

        Then you will have to replace audio ic and speaker amps with NEW not reballed old chips. And run a jumper at c12.

        It is hard to imagine that an iPhone 7/7p with an audio problem is anything other than audio ic because it is such a common failure. My guess is that you are reusing damaged chips right now


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          Any ways I did return the phone to the costumer, but thing is that I did use a new audio codec IC twice even though I had cases when the new IC was bad but not this time, and no I do not use used IC since they are wslcp Ic and tend to get demaged very easy from the heat and no it was not any of the flexes nither c12
          just so you know I did try every possible way but nothing worked, very strange case. But anyways its gone now, but thanks a lot for your time spent