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iphone 7 dead 1.5A short

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  • iphone 7 dead 1.5A short

    Hi eveyone,
    i have an iphone 7 here came in for no power. no obvious damage, no cracked screen, no bends, all parts original. no signs of liquid damage.
    checked it out and when powering from dc power we have a 1.6A short somewhere. i have been checking caps around pmic and only finding low readings on the obvious troll lines like PP_CPU_VAR / PP0V9_SOC_FIXED / PP_CPU_VAR but all other seem pretty normal to me. a few readings i have taken:

    PP1V1_SDRAM - 0.206
    PP_VDD_MAIN - 0.256
    PP1V8 - 0.251
    PP1V8_SDRAM - .0215

    the pmic gets incredibly hot so unsure if maybe that is the fault which will be a huge pain in the backside.
    any help/advice will be much appreciated again guys

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    Unless the PMIC has a physical crack, then it is not the problem.

    Does the DCPS sit at 0.00A BEFORE prompt to boot and then jump to 1.6A after?

    If so, then you are all good on battery and main and the problem is AFTER the pmic--one of the outputs. The reason the PMIC gets hot is because it is a tiny wired restriction point that the electrons have to go through to get to the short.

    You can check the common faults like 3v0 NAND line and backlight anode line that have a history of going bad in unopened undamaged phones