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iPhonne 7 Sim card reader replacement

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  • iPhonne 7 Sim card reader replacement

    I have a iPhone 7 that needs its sim card reader replaced

    Anyone with experience in changing one of these

    Any input on its replacement would be appreciated.


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    Hey Digits!
    I've never tried one yet but keep in mind that the NAND chip is directly under under.

    If I would try to do this job I would check with a donor board and see if the solder connection for the top of the tray melts as quickly as the connections of the plates.
    If so, it should be fairly safe to remove the top part, then maybe mix the connections under it with low melt and remove the rest?

    I never done one on an iPhone board but the couple of ones I have worked on before, the top portion of the tray and the bottom could be separated.


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      Thanks Sly

      Yes I be worried about the Nand chip under it also

      I think has you say most of it can be removed with using any heat

      What would you recommend to protect the heat getting to the Nand gate


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        i have never seen a case of this. What makes you think the SIM reader needs to be replaced? I sure hope it is not because the customer asked for the SIM card reader to be replaced, because what they really mean is "I am getting searching no service because my baseband CPU is failing just like every other iPhone 7, but I'm going to assume that the problem is that my phone can't read the SIM since I am an end user. I am trusting you to set me straight:"

        I would never take that job. If it isn't searching no service bbcpu failure now, it will be soon enough and they will blame you.


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          It was not detecting the SIM I was told

          He told me another shop did some work on it and it worked for a small period of time. when I examined it there It was physically damaged Jessa

          There was only a piece of tape holding it together

          I made sure to tell the customer I will give it a go if he would like me to do so on the condition if it did not work out i was taking no blame for it

          I also told him that I am very new to micro soldering

          He agreed on me to give it a go

          So I covered myself I hope

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            It is just an extension of the same story. iPhone 7 has searching no service, some noob stupidly assumes the sim reader failed (which never happens in iPhones) and then takes a hacksaw to it.

            you can try replacing the sim reader if you want, but it won’t end well.


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              And it is a shame. This will be an A1660 IPhone 7 that is under Apple recall. She could have gotten it replaced for free.