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iPhone 7 Error -1

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  • iPhone 7 Error -1

    A customer brought in an iPhone 7 Stuck on Connect to iTunes Logo. I tried to restore with iTunes and it gives error -1??

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    Ask your customer if iPhone has been opened before, or if anyone perform any repair. You can also open and see if board is touched or not


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      This post is just a statement of one fact about a phone and tells us nothing. When was the phone last working? What happened when it stopped working? What did it look like under visual exam? What kinds of signature problems are there for this model? What tests did you do? What happened when you kicked it out of recovery mode and tried to boot? Is there any evidence of bend? Any prior repair attempt?

      You have to put some effort into your posts--tell us everything you know and what YOU are thinking, then will ask some questions or point out something to try to help you learn.

      Try again.


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        the phone was dropped.


        • Jessa_the_Professa
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          Great job answering one question. Seven more to go.