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iPhone 6 Passcode changes itself

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  • iPhone 6 Passcode changes itself

    Has anyone come across where an iPhone 6 changed the passcode to the phone itself

    I was told by the customer that the battery went dead and once charged again she could not get access to the phone with her pssscode

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    No, that is impossible. What she really means is "I changed it and forgot." Even if she had a case of digitizer ghosting that entered a random password it could not change itself without entering the same passcode twice which is not going to happen. Someone else changed it or she changed it. It absolutely did not change its passcode itself.


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      The screen was damaged on it

      I was thinking first that due to the damage to the screen she was unable to enter the correct passcode

      On fitting the new screen on test the passcode did not work -- So it was not down to the damaged screen

      I was able to restore on it and restored her details from iCloud

      The strange think when I removed the sim card from the phone it went into restore mode immediately without connecting it to ITunes

      I did read on the internet people saying it did happen to them

      Could it be possible be a software bug??

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        People call me all the time with phobias about phones. I ask them questions like "Did anyone else have access to your phone? Do they know your passcode? Are you no longer in a relationship with them?" The answer is invariably Yes. Yes. Yes.

        iPhones do not change their own passcodes.


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          I get retards coming and saying 'my new screen just cracked on its own without touching it'. So iv bought a magnifying glass with a light on it now, so next time I see a case of miraculous screen cracking we can follow the cracks to the end. At the end of the crack should be no notches in the case (where it's hit the ground). If there are no notches I may entertain the fact. Otherwise they are taking you for a mug.