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iPhone 6+ no mic during calls, but does wok for voice recording etc.

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  • iPhone 6+ no mic during calls, but does wok for voice recording etc.

    So I have this iphone 6+ in for no audio during calls, and at first I thought it would be a pretty straightforward repair. It's only during calls and that's it and not even a headpohone mic will work, voice memos picks up from the microphone outside of calls however. I made sure it wasn't a strange parts issue and then changed U0900. Let the device cool down, test and great it works ( or so I thought). No, it only worked just that time for me, the next phone call goes back to just silence. So to make a long story short since then I've made sure to change U0900 a few times to make sure it wasn't a bunk IC or bad placement, I've measured underneath the pads and compared to known good readings. The same with U1601 in hopes that would solve things. Connector J1817 all reads good before and after I replaced it just incase some pin wasn't up to par. Now as for the board itself it did come in with LSD under Bs2503, and I have removed the standoff and the damage doesn't look crazy enough to cut off that trace there (I wouldn't think ). Now I have heard people talk about BB could be the issue with the problem, and that trace under there is PP_LDO14_ RFSW which I have no clue what exactly that's for but I know in the schematics it does run into baseband. If that is the cause could it actually work sometimes and then other times not? Curious if anyone else has had issues like this

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    Try the search function on this forum--I believe that Albert the Learner had a similar case.

    You could take a bare board and see if you could map where the RFSW trace goes to see if there was a way to run a long jumper just to rule out the LSD aspect.
    I would also check audio ic resistors.